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UC gets love in Fast Company Article.

Such well integrated notion of design is shared by a few good programs: In the U.S., Cincinnati has an excellent program with very solid graduates

As three UC grads, Such&Such takes a lot of pride in Cincinnati’s mention as a bright spot in the otherwise dour assessment of American Design education in Gadi Amit’s article American Design Schools Are a Mess, and Produce Weak Graduates.

His complaints aren’t really that new. New grads can’t draw, don’t understand how use skills to implement process, and we are entitled. Cincinnati’s mention isn’t evne really out of the ordinary for these type of critiques. We do get love. What was atypical was his example of my generations entitlement. It wasn’t the standard, “they expect to be hired as design directors out of school” but that we

"Young designers tend to approach their first jobs as "extended education" with me, the principal, assigned to promote their career, rather than deliver projects to clients."

I suppose because we get our internship on long and hard this isn’t really an issue with UC grads, but for students to think they are getting paid to work with clients as an “extended education”. Well that’s just silly.

Such&Such was formed with a fair bit of the former kind of entitlement. We didn’t really want to work up the ladder. But I don’t think that’s totally fair. More than not wanting to start at the bottom, I think we don’t really trust the top. Or that the ladder will even exist in ten years. We have watched our parents get laid off a few years short of retiring only to be replaced by someone fresh out of college. We pay into a social security system that has zero chance of paying us back. Our generation is called entrepreneurial for a reason. Why work your ass off for a company that doesn’t care about you at all?

There is no Ma Bell, we are going to go get it ourselves.


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