Such + Such

McLaren P1 Reveal Projection Mapping at 2013 Concours d'Elegance from Lightborne on Vimeo.

Unveiling of the McLaren P1 at the Concourse d’Elegance.


Creative Director / McLaren: Patrick Dierson
Producer: Kristine Smith
Technical Director: David Hunkins
Scenic Technician: Dee Berezny
Creative Director, Content Director / Lightborne: Ben Nicholson
Producer: Alex Parks
Lead Animator, Compositor: Neil Smith
Lead Designer: Ryan McAllister
Animation, Compositors: Dave Irion, Evan Sheldon, Kevin Gautraud
Design: Chris Gliebe
Projection Mapping Technical Director: J.T. Rooney
Projection Mapping Technical Advisor: Nils Porrmann
Music Producer, Engineer, Composer: Justin Golden
Music Composer: Josiah Wolf
d3 Supplier, Support, and Engineering: Chaos Visual Productions